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A drip of tea course
A drip of tea course
A drip of tea course
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A drip of tea course (“Hoshino-Gyokuro” from Fukuoka) ...850yen

Within Green tea, there are two types: One made from the mixing of tea powder and water; And one made by boiling tea leaves.
Using only the highest ranks of teas, “A drip of tea” style uses the boiling of leaves.

<1> Small bowl: Brewed with 30℃ cooling boiled water.

There’s only a small amount, so we drink it all in one gulp. This technique brings out the best flavor and relaxes us from within.

<2> Large bowl: Double brewed in boiling water at 80℃.

The brewing of this brings out an interesting mix which both stimulates and relaxes. It was especially enjoyed by the monks of old, as they practiced “zazen” (or the floating mind).

<3> Used tea leaves: Pure delight.

Used tea leaves are an excellent source of dietary fiber and vitamin E, and they dissolve well in oil, making it perfect for salad dressings.